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Nutrition, Exercise, and Diabetes Support


All nutrition and exercise recommendations will be focused around maintaining optimal blood sugar control.


Your Body.

Your Blood Sugars.

Made Easy.

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods, live an active life, or have a body you love. While we work together, you will learn what to do in every diabetes situation so it becomes second nature.

All of our work is done remotely over video chat, phone, and email, so you don’t have to worry about a commute or waiting rooms.

Because my coaching is one on one, your program is designed for YOU.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what to eat, I’m not going to make you eat at home the rest of your life, and I’m not going to tell you that desserts and “fun” foods are off-limits – in fact, I encourage them as a part of your nutrition plan!


As your Type 1 diabetes coach, I’ll show you how to live your best life so that you are the healthiest, strongest, and best version of yourself. It’s going to be EPIC.


• We will start with a phone conversation to get to know each other and discuss your current struggles and goals in diabetes, nutrition, and exercise. We will determine what the best next steps are, and put the plan into place.


• You’ll gather some additional information for me about your current nutrition, exercise, and diabetes habits. As your type 1 diabetes coach, I’ll use this information to develop your personalized plan.


• Each week, we will have a formal check-in, where you update me on how the previous weeks’ goals went. As we achieve goals, new ones will be set, and you will be acquiring skills to help you achieve more and more.


• You’ll have the ability to direct message me during the week with questions or concerns as I help you stay accountable and on track.


Coaching Services

Individualized Nutrition Coaching

We will create a SUSTAINABLE nutrition plan that you can easily stick with while working towards your goals. Programs include macronutrient breakdown of foods, food swaps, substitutions, and recommendations based on your current situation, and optimal nutrient timing.

So we designed these workouts to fit your current schedule ensuring the most amount of success in the shortest time. The program will include a mobility and flexibility routine and will be tailored specifically to your current fitness level.

Customized Workout Routine

Accountability Groups

You will be welcomed into a community of other individuals working towards similar goals. It will help keep you consistently motivated and accountable, as we have found this is key to your success.

What's at Stake if your diabetes is uncontrolled

The equivalent of 18 days off per year

People are 38% less productive than their colleagues at work

People will pay, on average, $83,000 towards diabetes complications

Average Cost Per Year

$10,000 - spent on DM alone

Including medicines, doctor visits and other supplies. Indirect costs such as commodities medications, disability, absenteeism from work.


HbA1c = 10
HbA1c < 7

As HbA1c goes up, the cost of diabetes and associated complications goes up. Someone with an A1c of 10 will pay more than 2.4 times the medical expenses each year than someone with an A1c of 7!

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testimonial diabetes

“It’s amazing how confident I feel.

If you could have seen me last year at this time, I was depressed, wouldn’t drive or leave the house & hated diabetes. Today I’m a new person, new outlook & much healthier & happier all because of you! 🙏”

“In terms of workouts, I feel like running has gotten SO MUCH easier.

Like going out and running 5 miles is not even a second thought it is pretty easy– I am definitely getting faster too! I feel like I am also getting a little stronger with the lifting too and I prefer the fast intervals much more! I know about the protein, I am trying (a little 🙂) I am feeling really good about my body and diabetes as well so thank you for all of your help!

“I saw changes!

I’m down 4 lbs already! I feel really good– Been 💩 better too. I feel happier and like I finally have some direction bc I honestly felt LOST before DMing you. Felt like I tried everything…. except Ben’s plan.”

“GREAT. Lost 9 pounds!

I FEEL slimmer too and it’s a lot easier than I thought, going to try to start meal prepping things.”

“Honestly, I kinda like eating on the cut.

I feel so good. I’m feeling confident in my body, and never want to feel unconfident in it again. I’m also so much more educated on food now.”

“I just realized, since I started working out with you, I have gone from a size 9 to a size 3 waist!!!”