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Even with Diabetes You Don’t Have to Stay in Your Comfort Zone with Food

Apr 26, 2022

Close your eyes for a second and image this:
You are sitting at your table in a restaurant and there is something on the menu you’ve always wanted to try. 
Maybe it's chicken alfredo from an authentic Italian restaurant or an epic Chinese dish. Maybe it's your ultimate comfort food.

Your food arrives and you're ready to assess.

You dose.  

Your blood sugar stays amazing.

Not just right afterwards, but also hours and hours later into the night. How awesome does that feel?!

Once upon a time, you may have been nervous to consume that food.

Once upon a time, it was out of your comfort zone to even TRY that food.

I would bet that somewhere along the way you were given a list titled “Diabetes Food to Eat” “Blood Sugar Foods.” 

But, what happened?

You said, “Hey, I’m gonna figure out how to do this so my blood sugars can be amazing while I enjoy foods that I love.”

Diabetes isn’t cookie cutter.

Each of us have different foods that work for us.

Your care should be specific to your body, your diabetes, and your needs.

You can achieve normal blood sugar levels while making food choices that include the foods you love.

If you are someone who has been avoiding foods you actually want to be eating, it's time for you to come work with our team so you feel confident in your food choices every single day.


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