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No food is 'good' or 'bad' – here's why!

Aug 09, 2021

I was talking with someone the other day who told me they were gonna cut out ALL the “bad food” from their life.⁣

By “bad food” she meant anything that could be considered unhealthy food or junk food.

Instead, she would only consume healthy food.

She figured this approach would be very helpful in achieving better blood sugars.⁣ 

First, let’s address the idea that there are "bad" foods.

There are no bad foods.

There are certainly foods that are less nutritious than others, but there are no bad foods.

Simply put: food is fuel.

It is a mash-up of nutrients that you utilize to fuel your body. 

She lasted four days before she broke that restrictive diet.

That "bad food good food" theory just does not exist, nor is it sustainable.

We can’t stick to it.⁣

A healthy diet is not just eating lean proteins, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.⁣

A healthy diet is eating foods that you can stick to, which includes what I just mentioned, but also includes foods you love.⁣

Good eats that you actually enjoy with amazing flavor profiles in absence of eating some diet food that tastes like cardboard.

Restrictive diets can lead to unhealthy cycles of your overall well-being.

Restricting yourself can lead to mental health issues as well as physical and emotional distress.

Viewing food as fuel and making a conscious effort to keep that mentality at the forefront will bring you peace and success in your health journey.

If you eat clean for a week and then fall off the wagon and want to eat an entire cake (and then do), that diet isn’t doing anything for you.

A consistent healthy diet and exercise plan will gain you much more success.⁣

You’ve got to find something sustainable for you.  ⁣

Good food, good life, right?


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