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Have you won the game of diabetes?

Sep 21, 2021

Diabetes is sometimes like those games at the fair where you can win a giant animal if you throw a ring on the bottle or shoot the ball in the hoop. 

You pay the $5 and try so hard and you STILL fail no matter what you try.

It LOOKS so easy but blood sugars can be difficult.⁣

You have a stubborn high blood sugar⁣ and try to get it down.

It doesn’t budge.

You try again and again.

Your mindset is starting to tank...

It is so damn frustrating when you feel like you’ve tried everything.

You try the insulin.⁣

You try the walk.⁣

You try the water.⁣ 

You pray to the heavens above.⁣

It works sometimes, but not ALL the time.

The frustration mounts.⁣

Diabetes often feels rigged, where the bottle top is slightly larger than the ring and that hoop is definitely not regulation size.⁣ 

So how do you breakthrough?
1. KEEP EFFING GOING⁣. Giving up is the fastest way to constantly live in the frustration of the blood sugars. ⁣Even if it doesn't work perfectly, use the data you have to make progress⁣

2. Have an outside set of eyes⁣. Sometimes having someone to help you think through things, troubleshoot, and support you are IMPERATIVE to breaking through to the next level with your A1c.⁣

So you can live your best life with no restriction from diabetes.⁣

With no restriction of food WHATSOEVER.

If you’re ready for the true level up, this is a great opportunity to do so!⁣ My team and I have a few openings for you to work directly with a registered dietitian who is an expert in the field of diabetes - if you are ready for a life of no restriction, reach out, and let’s chat!


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