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Sun’s out, pumps out!

Oct 12, 2021

It’s no secret that your diabetes tech is likely to show at the beach.⁣

Almost EVERY time I go, people always come up and ask me what my insulin pump is.⁣

Or what my Dexcom is.⁣

Or why I have oddly shaped tape on my body.

Or (fill in the blank with everything imaginable)

While I was in college, a kid came up to me and thought my pump was a video game.⁣

I told him it was an automatic tattoo maker, since it left a nice tan line.

He fell for it. ⁣

Most of the time, I simply just say what it is: it’s my insulin pump for my diabetes⁣.

This statement always seems to be taken as an invitation by other people to start listing all the stereotypical statements about diabetes:

“Well you don’t look like you have diabetes.”⁣

“Wait, you’re not fat.”⁣

“Only old people get diabetes.”⁣

What does diabetes even look like?!⁣

A friendly PSA: there is no definition.

I know many who would agree with me in suggesting that more people were aware of terms like glucose, insulin pump and CGM, blood sugars, normal blood sugars, and a whole host of other terms that are part of a diabetic’s daily life.

Wear your diabetes tech with pride.⁣

Be proud of it.⁣

Educate people and answer what may seem like awkward questions from those who are curious.

Remember that you are representing an awesome family of people who live with it too!


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