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Blood sugar resets and detoxes are myths. Try these instead!

Aug 20, 2021

In the event you haven’t been told this before, you have an opportunity to “reset” your blood sugar at any given time.⁣

Your blood sugar is constantly moving.

No matter who you are, your glucose levels are constantly changing, with blood sugars high to blood sugars low.

You have a change to reset it with EVERY decision you make.  

There is no “off” button to your blood sugar.

We all know the longest route between Point A and B is the shortcut.

In this case, the shortcut is that “quick fix” or random “reset program” to marginally fix your blood sugar...most likely being pumped by someone who isn’t credentialed to school you on blood sugars.

If you could detox your body of diabetes...wouldn’t we all do it?⁣ 

⁣If your blood sugar is not in range, try:⁣

 Eating some food if you're low.⁣

– Taking insulin or getting active if you're higher.⁣

Letting it ride out and do its thing if it's already in range.

You don’t need to do any specific, highly-restrictive protocol to be able to “reset” your blood sugar.⁣

If you use the tried and true methods of:⁣

1️. Getting enough sleep⁣

2. Getting proper nutrition⁣

3️. Getting quality exercise⁣

4️. Monitoring your blood sugars and not obsessing over them.

That will be enough.

These methods are also way better than some random reset or detox⁣.

Please stop looking for quick fixes for your blood sugar.⁣

Instead figure out what you can do for LIFE.⁣


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