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When You Have Stubborn Highs…You Have Time

May 10, 2022

Getting mad at your blood sugar doesn’t help anything…even though you wish it would.

I’ve been here before and I’m sure you have as well.⁣ You look at your Dexcom.⁣

You’re 250.⁣

⁣You correct.⁣

Nothing happens.⁣

You correct again.⁣

You start cursing.

Stubborn high!  Nothing happens.⁣

You’re waiting.⁣

Nothing happens.⁣

You dose again.⁣

“Treating blood sugar spikes is so fun”, said no one ever.

Nothing happens.⁣ 

Then suddenly, it's like Wylie Coyote running off the side of a cliff and looking down:⁣ The bottom falls out.⁣

Now, your blood sugar is TANKING and you're cursing as you drink a juice box.⁣


Instead of rage bolusing for periods of hyperglycemia, just be patient.⁣

Rage bolusing is going to make your tank and then overcorrect.⁣

Instead of cursing, which is more stressful than anything else, just let it be.

Stress = Higher blood sugar levels..

Skip that blood sugar rollercoaster - it’s a lousy, ⁣ exhausting ride to be on that you DON'T have to join.⁣

⁣If you are looking to get off that blood sugar rollercoaster for the FINAL time,  live a life of NO restriction or fear around diabetes, and have total control over your blood sugars…⁣

My team and I have a few 1:1 spots available for spring.

If you’ve been waiting and telling yourself this is the year you are going to make this happen?⁣

You still have time.⁣

Click on “Book an Appointment” at the top of the page and let’s get started!


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