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The Blood Sugar Journey

May 03, 2022

There’s beauty in the struggle, happiness in the success - J Cole


On your way to an A1c of 7.0 if you start at 9.5.

In order to get there, you have to pass through 8.0.⁣ Sure, 8 isn’t where you want to be.⁣

But it’s a stop on the destination.⁣

A lot of people will see their A1c higher and IMMEDIATELY compare to what they see on social media.

They see all the flat Dexcom lines and wonder “why not me?”⁣ The FIRST step to getting where you want to be with your blood sugar levels…

Is bringing your A1c down a little.⁣

9.5 to 9.4⁣.

9.4 to 9.3⁣.

If you want to lose weight and drop 30lbs, you first have to drop 3lbs.⁣

If you’re going to get to a 7.0 A1c from a 9.5, you have to first get to 9, then to 8, etc.⁣

Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the process.⁣

That is where the beauty of everything is.

Quite frankly: that is how you get to the final destination.⁣ You take little, single steps every single day.⁣

Suddenly, you’ll look up, and think “WOW. I’m here.”⁣

It WILL happen.⁣

If you’re struggling with your A1c and need that extra support breaking through those barriers, we are happy to help!


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