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Obsessing over your CGM is a waste of time! Here's a better use for it.

Aug 02, 2021

Mental health is a topic that has reached far and wide over the past year.

I’d be foolish to ignore that there are certain added pressures on a person’s mental health when living with diabetes.

We are constantly required to test our blood glucose levels, ensuring that we know what our blood glucose level is at any given time.

Our blood sugar level determines how much insulin is delivered on behalf of our pancreas that no longer works.

Why am I sharing information with you that you probably already know?

Because seeing the daily process of keeping ourselves alive written out can be a stark reminder of the intense work diabetes care can be.

This repeat process can become stressful and often leads to some people forming an obsession with checking their blood sugar. 

While being aware of your blood sugar levels is important, it is not something to obsess over.

For the sake of your mental health, try your best not to check on your CGM every 5 minutes.

There’s no trophy at the end of the day for the most-monitored CGM.

Check in on YOURSELF instead.⁣

Take a moment to evaluate how you are feeling and practice some solid mental health care. 

Here are four ways to practice self-love in regards to your blood sugar levels:

  1. FoodMake sure you are choosing foods that make you feel good, give you energy, and allow your blood sugars to be in control as much as possible.⁣
  2. Dosing - Take time to slow down, look at your numbers, and notice patterns and trends⁣. Determine the best time to check your blood sugar and use that as a loose guide. Give yourself grace and allow for flexibility.
  3. Physical Activity - Actively seek out physical activity. Doing so helps improve your insulin sensitivities and your cardio capacity so you feel stronger.⁣
  4. Meditation - The benefits of meditation are incredible. Take time to look inward.  How are you feeling on the inside? Begin your day with morning meditation.  Google a mindfulness exercise. Do your best to slow things down.⁣

⁣Start here and you’ll notice a massive difference in how you feel overall.


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