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T1D Diet: Expert Tips from a Diabetes Dietitian for Balancing Blood Sugars with Turkish Cheese Pie!

Jul 14, 2023

Let’s break down a Turkish delicacy that may resemble a pizza but is, in fact, a mouthwatering Turkey Cheese Pie.

Let’s analyze its composition, discuss its impact on blood sugar levels, and emphasize the importance of making smart choices while still enjoying life's culinary pleasures.

Analyzing the Pie

At first glance, the Turkey Cheese Pie appears similar to a pizza, with a thin crust and a generous amount of cheese. Comparatively, it could be seen as a cheese-focused dish, much like deep-dish pizza. If we were to equate it to individual pizza slices, you could expect the average portion to be around 25-30 grams.

Portion Size and Blood Sugar Impact

While devouring the entire pie alone may not be recommended, sharing it with a partner or friend is a safer and more enjoyable option. 

As with any food that contains carbohydrates, it's important to consider its impact on blood sugar levels. The combination of cheese and sausage in the pie, when consumed in isolation, can cause an initial rise in blood sugar, similar to typical carb-rich foods.

However, the real challenge lies in the delayed spike that may occur hours later. This second spike is a crucial aspect to be aware of, especially when considering other dishes like chicken and lamb that are typically served in Mediterranean Turkish cuisine. Watching out for these delayed blood sugar spikes, which can occur 2-8 hours after consumption, is essential for maintaining stable glucose levels.


Balancing Enjoyment and Diabetes Management

Despite the potential challenges associated with blood sugar levels, it's important to remember that life is meant to be enjoyed. 

While making smart food choices is crucial for managing diabetes, it doesn't mean sacrificing your favorite dishes altogether. By taking a few moments to analyze the nutritional components of a meal, you can make informed decisions and still savor the flavors that bring you joy.

Turkey Cheese Pie is an intriguing Mediterranean Turkish delight that challenges our perceptions. With its resemblance to a pizza and its unique flavors, it offers a culinary experience worth exploring.

 However, it's essential to be mindful of its impact on blood sugar levels, both in terms of immediate and delayed spikes.

 By practicing moderation, considering portion sizes, and making smart food choices, individuals with diabetes can indulge in their favorite dishes while maintaining stable glucose levels. Remember, life is too short to miss out on the pleasures of food, so savor the flavors and enjoy responsibly!

If you're seeking guidance on managing your diabetes while still enjoying a diverse range of foods, our team of dietitians are here to assist you.


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