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The Rollercoaster Ride of Diabetes: A Tale of Unexpected Lows and Highs

Oct 25, 2023

Living with diabetes is like embarking on a thrilling adventure that only those in the diabetes community truly understand. From sudden blood sugar drops to surprising spikes, the rollercoaster ride can leave you feeling like you're on a wild journey.

Let's dive into a story that perfectly illustrates the ups and downs of diabetes, proving that only through firsthand experience can one truly grasp the complexities of this condition.

Picture this - a grad school student, excited about research, and accompanied by an experienced advisor with 30 years of work in diabetes. 

On their way to a research institute, things started off innocently. The advisor, with her impressive background in diabetes research, had surely seen it all. But little did she know that her student's diabetes was about to send her on an emotional rollercoaster.

As they approached the building, a familiar "beep beep beep" rang out - it was the dreaded low blood sugar alarm. The student's index finger was tapped with urgency, and you would think they were in mortal danger. The advisor's reaction was priceless - "Oh, my goodness! Are you good? Are you okay? What do you need right now?"

The student, a diabetes veteran with a decade of experience under their belt, remained unfazed. They casually popped a couple of glucose tabs and assured their concerned advisor, "Hey, it'll be okay. Don't stress. Keep driving." The confidence and nonchalance of the student amused and baffled the advisor.

Five minutes later, the continuous glucose monitoring system pinged again with a "Beep beep ." This time, it was the opposite end of the spectrum - a high blood sugar alert. The advisor couldn't believe her eyes. "Oh my God. Are you okay? Is everything gonna be okay?"

And just like that, the student's blood sugar made a magical leap from 55 to 85, leaving the advisor scratching her head in disbelief. 

The student with diabetes calmly reassured her once again, "I won't behold it; I was perfectly fine. My blood sugar went from 55 up to 85. And everything was good in the end."

This lighthearted yet eye-opening story shows us that even someone with 30 years of experience in diabetes research can still be taken on a whirlwind of emotions by the unpredictability of diabetes.

 It serves as a reminder that diabetes is so much more than what textbooks can teach us. Only those who live with it or support someone with it truly understand the intricacies and nuances of managing this condition.

Living with diabetes is an adventure like no other. From unexpected lows that prompt concerned reactions to surprising turnarounds that leave others bewildered, the journey of diabetes is filled with twists and turns. This story of a grad school student and their experienced advisor illustrates that diabetes is about more than just numbers and protocols - it's about embracing the unexpected and finding strength in the face of uncertainty. 

So, the next time you encounter a diabetes rollercoaster, remember that it's the experiences and insights of the diabetes community that truly bring this journey to life.

It's time to appreciate the uniqueness of diabetes and celebrate the courage and resilience of those who live with it every day.



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