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How to Enjoy Southern Comfort Foods with Type 1 Diabetes!

Jul 24, 2023

Living with type 1 diabetes can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to managing blood sugar levels while enjoying delicious foods.

Let’s explore a delightful southern feast, Let’s navigate its carb content and make informed choices to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Southern Fried Chicken

The portion size appears to be around eight ounces, and while it may have minimal carbs due to smoking, it's essential to pay attention to any hidden ingredients, such as marinades or coatings. To estimate the carb content, a food database or similar resources can be utilized.

Mac and Cheese

The serving size looks like three-quarters of a cup, which is more than half a cup. As pasta typically contains around 30 grams of carbs per cup, we can estimate the carb content of the mac and cheese accordingly.

Sweet Potato Casserole

This dish is a wildcard since it contains sweet potatoes, or there could be some brown sugar, and potentially other ingredients like butter. To estimate the carb content, it's helpful to compare it to similar recipes in a food database or use your experience to make an educated guess. Let’s estimate it to be 32 grams each, so that would be 64 grams of sweet potato casserole.


Cornbread can be another wildcard since its ingredients and portion size may vary. Using a food database or similar resources can provide a more accurate estimation of its carb content. Let’s say this cornbread is 25 grams.  

So if you add it all up…That would be 90 grams of carbs


Managing Blood Sugar Levels

After breaking down the components of the southern feast, it's crucial to consider the cumulative impact on blood sugar levels. To calculate the overall carb intake, you need to add up the estimated carb contents of each component. Additionally, it's essential to account for the presence of fats in certain dishes, such as the mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole. Fats can affect blood sugar levels more gradually.

By breaking down the carb content of various dishes and considering other factors such as fat content, you can make informed choices to enjoy southern comfort foods while maintaining stable blood sugar levels. It's essential to use resources like food databases or draw from your own experience to estimate carb counts accurately.

Remember, if you're unsure about specific ingredients or portion sizes, consult a food database or reach out to a registered dietitian or healthcare professional for guidance tailored to your needs. With the right knowledge and strategies, you can regain control over your diabetes and live your best life.

We are dedicated to helping you excel and achieve optimal blood sugar control, so you can live a fulfilling life with diabetes.


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