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Mastering T1D Diet: Expert Dosing Guide for Smokehouse Fries from a Diabetes Dietitian

Jul 20, 2023

French fries, those golden, crispy, and utterly delicious strips of deep-fried potatoes, hold a special place in the hearts and palates of people around the world.

Loved by young and old alike, french fries have become an iconic symbol of fast food culture and comfort food. But if you are managing your blood sugar,are you still allowed to eat french fries?

Let’s answer that question by breaking down Extra Large Smokehouse Fries.

These fries are loaded with deliciousness, featuring brisket, barbecue sauce, scallions, melted cheese, and even some bacon bits. It looks like a dream come true for food enthusiasts, but for many, it might seem like a nightmare in terms of managing blood sugar levels.

Let's simplify the nutritional breakdown, so it becomes more manageable and less overwhelming. We'll turn this into simple arithmetic.

The fries alone, being an extra large order, would typically contain around 60-65 grams of carbs. Let's estimate an additional 25 grams for the toppings, making it a safe assumption of 90 grams of carbs for the entire container. Notably, the cheese and scallions won't contribute much to the carb count, and the brisket itself contains negligible carbs. However, the barbecue sauce may add a few grams, so let's round it up to 95 or 100 grams to account for that.

Now, let's consider the protein and fat content. The meat, if measured accurately, would amount to approximately eight ounces or half a pound. Alternatively, you can use the rule of thumb that two fingers represent an ounce, which gives us about eight ounces for the meat. On average, there are roughly seven grams of protein per ounce, so we can estimate around 56 grams of protein from the meat. Additionally, the generous amount of cheese contributes more protein and fat to the dish.


From a dosing perspective, you'll need to consider two factors. 

  1. Upfront dosing for the fries and a negligible amount for the barbecue sauce. 
  2. A later dose for the potential rise in blood sugar levels. It's crucial to find the right balance to avoid a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

 If you're someone who feels restricted by diabetes, struggling with the belief that you can't enjoy such indulgent foods, I have good news for you. Our team of dietitians are always ready to help individuals expand their food choices while maintaining excellent blood sugar control.

Just last week, we had clients who enjoyed pasta and ice cream for the first time in years and still achieved remarkable blood sugar outcomes.

We’re here to support you on your journey.

Together, let's conquer diabetes and savor the joy of food!


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