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That Complicated Relationship Between You and Your Insulin Pump

Jun 13, 2022

Do you love your pump?⁣ 

I know I do.

I’m grateful for the diabetes technology and all of our insulin pump supplies that are out there.⁣

Studies have shown that insulin pumps have overall improved the quality of life in patients who use them. 

⁣But, sometimes?⁣

They drive me BANANAS.

For example: your site goes bad and you didn’t know the site went bad.⁣

Or maybe the site was never good to begin with and now you’re chasing a ‘mysterious’ high.

Or your tubing kinks, or gets caught on the doorknob, or ______ fill in the blank.

Maybe the constant site changes are what drive you crazy the most.

You and I could probably make a whole list of things I love my pump, but sometimes I look at it like ‘cmon man!’⁣

Who’s with me? ⁣

If you live with diabetes you can definitely relate to this….

Where you’re initial insulin source fails, and you’re going to scrounge up the backup pen that is hopefully is with you:

👉 hopefully is still working

👉 hopefully is not expired

That you’ve been carrying around for months on end.

Hoping that it's enough to get you through until you can put in a new site and figure things out.

If you’re not carrying a backup pen, definitely recommend it.

It’s better to have something as a backup than to have nothing at all.

You never know when your pump may bite it and you’d rather be prepared than not.


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