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Mastering T1D Diet: A Diabetes Dietitian's Guide to Dosing Porterhouse Steak for Blood Sugar Control

Jul 16, 2023

Indulging in a mouthwatering Porterhouse steak can be a heavenly experience. 

However, for individuals with diabetes, understanding the impact of such a meal on blood sugar levels is crucial. So let's break down the components of a Porterhouse steak dinner effectively to help us manage our diabetes while savoring every bite.

A typical Porterhouse steak dinner consists of… 

Generously sized steak


Oscar-style sauce


Let's examine how each component affects blood sugar levels.

Steak: Assuming a 24-ounce steak, it's important to consider that the actual weight may be less. The protein content in steak triggers a process called gluconeogenesis, where excess protein converts into glucose. This conversion may cause a rise in blood sugar levels, usually within 45 minutes to an hour after consumption.

Asparagus: Asparagus is relatively low in carbohydrates, with an estimated five grams in a generous serving. Its impact on blood sugar is minimal.

Oscar-Style Sauce: The sauce, typically made with ingredients such as cheese and cauliflower, adds flavor to the dish. While it may contain a few grams of carbohydrates, its overall impact on blood sugar is usually low.


Protein-rich meals like a Porterhouse steak can impact blood sugar levels differently than high-carb meals. Since protein can convert into glucose, it's essential to consider the quantity consumed.

In the case of an 18-ounce steak, the impact on blood sugar may be more significant if eaten all at once compared to dividing it into multiple servings.

To effectively manage your blood sugar, an extended bolus (or dual wave bolus) can be beneficial. Administering insulin over an extended period allows it to better match the digestion and absorption of nutrients, addressing the delayed impact of protein on blood sugar levels.

It's important to pay attention to your blood sugar levels after consuming a protein-heavy meal like a Porterhouse steak. Depending on your body's response, you may need additional doses of insulin to keep your blood sugar within the target range.

Navigating diabetes while enjoying a delectable Porterhouse steak requires awareness and thoughtful management. By understanding the impact of protein, considering portion sizes, and using extended bolus techniques, you can relish your meal without compromising your blood sugar control.

If you found this breakdown helpful, please leave a comment suggesting other dishes you'd like us to analyze.

Our team is here to provide guidance on incorporating your favorite foods into your diabetes management plan, allowing you to savor life's culinary delights while maintaining control over your health.


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