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My BIGGEST CGM Pet Peeves living with T1D | From a Type 1 Diabetes Dietitian and Diabetes Expert

Nov 28, 2023

Tackle common CGM challenges with T1D and T2D dietitians. Learn about sensor timing, early quirks, placement, and handling trend arrows effectively with experts.

In the dynamic realm of diabetes management, Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) have emerged as invaluable tools. A seasoned Diabetes Dietitian, shares professional guidance to enhance your CGM experience. Delve into prevalent CGM pitfalls with T1D and T2D Dietitians near you.


Perfect Timing: Avoid Changing Your Sensor Right Before Bed

Your Diabetes Insider emphasizes the importance of timing when dealing with CGMs. Changing your CGM sensor right before bedtime can be risky.


These devices have a warm-up period, and heading to bed immediately after insertion can leave you 'flying blind,' making it challenging to manage blood sugar, especially for users of automated pump systems like Control IQ.


Navigating Early Quirks: Give Your Sensor Time to Settle

New sensor jitters are common, as explained by Your Diabetes Insiders’ T1D and T2D dietitian experts. The initial 24-48 hours after fitting a fresh CGM sensor can be tricky, particularly with a Dexcom. 


During this period, the sensor may not provide the accuracy you desire, resulting in unusual readings. The key is not to overreact. If you doubt the readings, consider fingerstick calibrations and remember that patience is vital.


Flexible Sensor Placement: Beyond Body Fat

Unlike insulin pumps that demand specific subcutaneous fat placement, CGM sensors offer versatility in placement. 


Diabetes Dietitians dispel the misconception that sensors must be inserted in areas with higher body fat. He highlights that CGMs can function effectively in various comfortable locations. While body fat is a popular choice, alternatives like the back of the arm can yield accurate readings.


Arrow Awareness: Avoid Overreacting

One of the most crucial pieces of advice is not to overreact to the trend arrows on your CGM. These arrows can be maddening if you let them control you.


Link image: 


For example, witnessing double arrows up after a meal may tempt you to take additional insulin immediately. However, overreacting can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Trust your dosing, act responsibly, and remember that the CGM may lag 15 minutes behind your actual blood sugar. 

Enhance your diabetes management by mastering your Continuous Glucose Monitor with the guidance of your care team. While CGMs are fantastic tools, they aren't infallible, and interpreting the data necessitates a balanced approach. Let the arrows guide you, but don't let them dictate your actions. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by diabetes management and lifestyle restrictions, and you're seeking expert support, reach out to Your Diabetes Insider’s Diabetes Dietitians. With personal experiences in diabetes and a background in exercise, they're prepared to assist you on your journey. Learn more by following our social media on Instagram and TikTok for the guidance you need.

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