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Exercise doesn’t always lower your blood sugar!

Sep 07, 2021

If diabetes can mess something up, it will try its damndest.⁣ 

Exercise certainly helps manage blood sugars and can also improve insulin resistance.

The full impact of exercise on your blood sugar is determined by the intensity and duration of your workout as well as how much energy you burn.

Most of us have constantly been told that cardiovascular exercise lowers your blood sugar⁣ while weight training raises your blood sugar⁣.

However, just because that's the case most of the time doesn’t mean that’s always the case.⁣

There are no absolutes and the opposite can be true.⁣

Weight-lifting CAN lower your blood sugar.⁣

Your muscle cells will use sugar in the bloodstream which may cause your blood sugar to drop low during strength training.

Cardiovascular exercise can raise your blood sugar (I’m looking at you sprints).

Adrenaline and cortisol can increase blood sugars during cardio workouts such as running, HIIT, biking, and swimming.

So be aware of the exercise you’re doing and make sure you’re prepared for a possible low or high you don't expect. 

So how can you plan a successful workout?

1. Be sure to check your blood sugar before, during, and after your workout. Doing this regularly will show you how your body responds to exercise, which can help you prevent the blood sugar rollercoaster.

2. Remember that diabetes is not one-size-fits-all. Figure out what works for YOUR body.

3. Be sure to have your glucose treatment with you in the event you drop low.

4. If your blood sugar spikes during a workout, give your body time before dosing extra insulin.

Have a plan, execute it, and go crush your next workout.⁣

What adjustments do you have to make ahead of time to make sure your blood sugars are stable throughout your workout?⁣


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