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Embrace Progress, Not Perfection: A Refreshing Perspective on Managing Blood Sugars

Jan 11, 2024

You've probably had days where you find yourself obsessing over those pesky numbers on your glucose meter. We've all been there, and it can be incredibly frustrating. But here's the thing: it's time to shift our perspective and stop chasing the elusive goal of perfect blood sugars. 

Why, you ask?

Well, let us share a recent conversation we had with a patient that might change your outlook.

The patient was feeling utterly frustrated because her blood sugars weren't quite where she wanted them to be. Her average blood sugar level was around 165, and she couldn't help but compare herself to those who seemed to have it all figured out. But here's what she failed to mention at first – her blood sugars had previously been averaging around 200. That's right; she had already made a substantial improvement.

So, we asked her, "Why are you so frustrated when you're clearly making tremendous progress?" And do you know what she said? Nothing. She had no answer. It got us thinking, and  realized that many of us might be doing the same thing. We focus so much on the numbers that we forget to celebrate the progress we're making.

Sure, our time in range might not be exactly where we want it, and our blood sugar averages might be higher than we'd like, but that doesn't diminish the fact that we are moving in the right direction, one step at a time.

You see, the path to perfect blood sugars isn't a straight line that's smooth sailing every single day. In fact, very few people, if any, have that kind of journey. And that's perfectly okay.

What truly matters is that we're on a journey. We're making progress, we're learning, and we're getting closer to our ultimate goal – better blood sugar management. So, let's shift our focus from perfection to progress. Instead of dwelling on what we haven't achieved yet, let's celebrate the victories, no matter how small they may seem.

Remember, you have the power to control how you view your wins, and every day you make progress is a win. It's a step closer to the final destination, and that's something to be proud of.


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