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Does cinnamon ACTUALLY cure diabetes?

Sep 28, 2021

If cinnamon cured diabetes: 

JDRF would be a cinnamon farm.

Events would be doing lines of cinnamon as a group.

The “cinnamon challenge” would have been figured out years ago.

Worrying about your blood sugar control would be a thing of the past.

Cinnamon does not cure diabetes.

Please do not search “cinnamon diabetes cure” on the internet (Unless you want some massive entertainment and don't take it seriously).

If something this simple existed, the world of diabetes would look a whole lot different.

Despite having diabetes, you don’t have to feel stuck where you are.

While there may not be a simple spice to cure diabetes once and for all, we certainly have a plethora of things to help manage it.

From the incredible discovery of insulin in the 1920s to the widely available diabetes technology we have at our fingertips daily today, we have an incredible amount of resources and help to manage today’s diabetes. 

Along with many other things, I think it is safe to say that we wish diabetes wasn’t a thing.

However, the mindset and perspective we have about diabetes is extremely important.

While we don’t talk about it at the water cooler, the fact remains that had we been born a century earlier, diabetes would have been a death sentence.

Those of us who live with diabetes today would LOOOVE not to have it.


Sometimes if we shift too far into that negative mindset, we start to look for quick fixes.

The pills, the bracelets, the cinnamon.

Something that will make it all go away.

The best diabetes treatment?

Using the tools science, technology, and the diabetes community have given us to take care of ourselves the best way we can. 
If you are ready to clear out all of the false information and marketing ploys for diabetes, we are here for you!

Say goodbye to the quick fixes and learn the strategies to give you balanced blood sugars, delicious nutrition, and strengthen your body.


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