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Part-time Social Media Manager


Do you love interacting with people, either in-person or via sliding into the DMs? Are you someone who has a passion for nutrition, exercise, and improving the health of others? Would you be excited to be paid to hone your communication skills and help a ton of people living with a chronic disease to live a better life? If you said yes to all three questions, this could be an awesome fit for you!

About You:

You LOVE social media: You have a very in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various social media platforms, primarily Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

You enjoy writing…and you write well. You can generate original and entertaining content that keeps people engaged.

You know health – Health and fitness are important to your lifestyle and you have a working background of both nutrition and fitness. Diabetes is a major plus.

Problems aren’t a problem: You’re willing to dive into a situation, even if you don’t have the answers yet…because you know you will find them. Obstacles don’t exist – it’s merely a learning experience for you, and learning is fun.

Your communication skills are on POINT: It’s not difficult for you to mean what you say and say what you mean – you do so kindly and respectfully, but you’re honest with yourself and others too. You’re also easy to work with.

Natural social skills: you understand how to positively engage and interact with people online to forge good relationships with our audience.

You can learn on the fly…and willing to adapt: you learn new skills quickly and don’t need your handheld through the process – a little guidance at the start and you’re good to take the training wheels off.

You’re impact-driven: You want to make the world a better place for people living with diabetes, and you know this will impact potentially hundreds of thousands of people.

Detail-oriented: You don’t just get things right, but you get them right the first time.

Independent is your middle name: You love the idea of working on your own, but also being a part of a team.

You’re a high energy and high integrity human: Those that know you well, they would describe you as a hard worker, honest to a fault, and would trust you with their life. You’re like UPS – you always deliver.

What you’ll do:

Feed curator: You’ll curate an AWESOME, consistent feed on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok, of already-created content.

Calendar creator: You’ll collaborate with Ben to create a content calendar for all three of our major social media platforms for each month.

Captain Caption: You’ll write the Instagram captions each week for our feed, based on the aforementioned calendar.

Behind the scenes machine: You’ll respond to direct messages on Instagram and Tiktok to help individuals with questions and identify if they are possible clients, so they can get the support they need.

Comment king (or queen): You’ll respond to comments and interact with others on the various social media platforms to build community.

Editor extraordinaire: You may occasionally perform basic edits to TikTok videos.

Social Media SOP master: You’ll get to create our SOPS (standard of the operating procedure) for our social media processes).

This job is NOT for you if:

You’re a procrastinator: you consistently find yourself waiting till the last second to get things done, leading to a scramble and a less-than-optimal result.

You have a hard time with time management: deadlines don’t mean much to you, and projects consistently take longer than you’d expect.

You’re not a finisher: you love starting new projects and get super excited, but you’ll get distracted or find yourself unable to finish.

You need your handheld: When you face an obstacle, your first instinct is to ask for help, rather than work through the challenge and figure out a solution on your own.

You need 20 or more hours per week: this is a part-time position that would be perfect for a student or someone looking for an additional second income.


1. You’ll be paid to do something you enjoy: getting paid to learn how to be REALLY good at social media and can work from anywhere? Sounds pretty awesome to me.


2. You’ll learn ALL of the things: you’ll get the ins and outs of online marketing, content developments, lead generation techniques, health, and fitness-related information…the list goes on and on and on.


3. You’ll be part of an awesome team: Ben is all about making sure EVERYONE on the team improves and making sure that we are always improving the lives of others while attaining incredible results as a squad.


4. You will help change the lives of SO MANY PEOPLE: you’ll see firsthand the impact you have from messages from followers and clients that are seeing success with implementing information we provide…and you’ll realize that you are a HUGE reason for that happening!



This is a remote contract position.


Hours are flexible – we will determine this together – my estimate is this will take roughly 8-10 hour per week, potentially fluctuating up and down a little during certain times in the calendar year, but this is something that will be discussed.


What to do from here:


Step #1:

Please send us your resume at info@yourdiabetesinsider.com

Please use the subject line: “(your name) – Social Media Manager”


Step #2:

Instead of a cover letter, we’d like to get to know you by having you take your personality assessment. Don’t stress – your results won’t take you out of the running! They just help us get to know you and understand you a bit better (you are probably an awesome human and we want to know why!)

Here’s how to do it:

Go to Crystal Knows

https://www.crystalknows.com/personality-test, take the DISC personality test (the default test), and then send us the results paired with your resume. You only need to take the first test and it’s pretty quick!