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What makes coaching with Ben different from other coaches?

Personalized Nutrition Plan

After our initial call, I will develop a program that will fit YOUR nutritional needs to optimize BOTH your body composition and blood sugars. No two plans are the same. This will be built around sustainability for a healthy lifestyle for the LONG RUN.

Other Programs

You receive a program that is cookie cutter and generic – since it worked for someone else with diabetes, it must work for you as well, right?

Customized Exercise Plan

I will develop an exercise program for you that will move you closer to your goal, around whatever time, equipment, and parameters you give me. The program will maximize your time while improving both strength and cardiovascular health. It will meet you where you are at, so we build a foundation properly.

Other Programs

You will receive VERY general recommendations as to the amount of exercise you should perform per day, with no specificity regarding your goals, style of training, or any how-to with respect to clarity or direction.

Non-Restrictive Approach

This approach will provide you with freedom and flexibility to enjoy your favorite foods and keep your blood sugars under control.

Other Programs

Focus predominantly on carb counting and limiting certain foods, leading to a dysfunctional relationship with food and feeling like certain foods are “off limits”…which is unsustainable.

Focus on Performance AND Sustainability

Getting clients to achieve their body composition AND diabetes goals while eating the MOST food possible and doing the LEAST amount of cardio. Results are lasting and sustainable, and diabetes is always at the forefront of the equation.

Other Programs

Low calorie, starvation type diets (800-1000 calories/day) that leave clients lacking energy, wreak havoc on blood sugars and ultimately lead to gaining the weight back.

Multiple Layers of Accountability

Clients have weekly check ins, daily messaging support with me, and a private facebook community to interact with others on a similar journey, so it is impossible to fall off the path to success.

Other Programs

One and done consults where you are given a plan and sent on your way, with infrequent (if any) follow-ups, fine-tuning, or troubleshooting.

Someone Who Gets It…and is credentialed

Working with a medically licensed nutrition professional (Registered Dietitian), exercise professional (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) who has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for nearly 20 years. If you value working with an expert and receiving a luxury, first-class level experience, you are in the right place!

Other Programs

Unqualified individuals without schooling, legitimate credentials, or real client experience, offering nutrition and exercise “plans” and putting clients’ health at risk.



lose weight diabetes
lose weight diabetes

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